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Why Your Kitchen Sink Needs a Functioning Trap

Why Your Kitchen Sink Needs a Functioning Trap

A sink trap is the U or P-shaped part of the pipe under the sink. This trap is meant to retain a small amount of water when you drain your sink. It is a small yet significant part of every kitchen plumbing system. But for you to enjoy the benefits of a trap, you have to choose the right one for your kitchen sink.

There are many varieties of kitchen sink traps that you can choose from. Although these traps are designed to serve the same purpose, they come with unique features, construction, appearance, materials, and performance. Below are some of the most popular kitchen sink traps.

Bottle Trap

A Bottle trap is the universally recognized sink trap model because it is small, which makes it easy to install under the sink. This feature also makes it perfect for small kitchens. It is built vertically, and its lower part has an element that looks like a bottle. It is in this bottle-like part that wastewater accumulates. This model is also easy to clean because you just need to unscrew the lower element to empty it and remove dirt from the trap.


This type of sink trap is highly recommended for large kitchens. Its typical shapes are S and U. This trap is built horizontally and rarely malfunctions. It is also easy to clean. It is said to be self-cleaning because it gets clean every time you drain your sink.

Free Float Trap

A Free Float trap is typically used in parts of a plumbing system susceptible to water backflow. It comes with a rubber ball that is usually pressed into the drainpipe in case of backflow.

Importance of an Effective Kitchen Sink Trap

Preventing Strange Odor

The primary purpose of a sink trap is to retain a small amount of water in the drainage system. This water helps to block the odor of rotting sewage from flowing back into your kitchen. Therefore, this trap should never be completely dry. If you notice a strange smell inside your house, the problem could be your kitchen sink with a dried-out trap. If that’s the case, you should just run water through the sink.

Trapping Items

Although sink traps are not designed with this in mind, they help catch valuable items that may unintentionally slip down your kitchen sink. For instance, if your wedding ring, expensive earrings, or necklace falls down your sink drain, it is more likely to get stuck in the trap. It also catches large food particles that might clog your drainage.

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