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Why Your Kitchen Sink Needs a Functioning Trap

Why Your Kitchen Sink Needs a Functioning Trap

If you check beneath your kitchen sink, you are likely to find a drain pipe with a sharp bend. This bend is commonly referred to as the P-trap. This trap is designed to perform several important tasks. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your kitchen sink drain has a functioning trap. But why is a kitchen sink trap so important? This article tells you why.

Basics of a Kitchen Sink Trap

Although the bend in your kitchen sink drain pipe resembles the letter “U”, it looks like a capital P when you tilt it. The straight pipe extending from the bend to the main drain line in the wall resembles the letter “P stem.” P-traps exit into walls behind the sink in plumbing, while S-traps bend back down and drain into the floor. P-traps can be attached to vented drain pipes, especially where S-traps can’t be vented. In fact, S-traps can be illegal, especially if the horizontal run after the bend doesn’t is smaller in diameter than the pipe.

Why Is a Kitchen Sink Trap Necessary?

Trapping Fallen Items

A sink drain trap is important because it helps to catch items that accidentally fall through the sink. For instance, if your expensive wedding ring or necklace accidentally falls through the sink, it will get stuck in the trap, making it easier for you to retrieve it. To retrieve the fallen item, place a bucket beneath the trap, unscrew the trap and turn over the bend to empty the water and the item into the bucket. Then, reattach the bend to the drain.

Trapping Sewer Gas

Since your kitchen drain connects to the sewer system, the sewer gases can flow back to your kitchen. If these gases enter your house, they will cause a toxic odor, possible headaches, and respiratory complications. But with a trap in your kitchen sink drain, these gases won’t find their way back to your kitchen. The U-shaped bend in the trap collects water every time you pour water down the drain. This water prevents gas from rising into your kitchen sink.

Collecting Debris

Since large amounts of food waste and other types of debris go down your drain every day, the sink trap will collect them and make it easy for you to retrieve them when you are unclogging your drain. This prevents clogging of your drain pipes, septic tank, and local sewer system. For more information on kitchen sink traps, talk to 1-800 Plumber of CT.

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