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Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

If you are used to pouring bacon grease down your kitchen sink, stop it immediately. It can have serious effects on your drainage. So, if you do not want to keep repairing and unclogging your drainage, never pour grease down the drain. This article shows you why you should never pour grease down your drain.

Why Grease Is Bad for Your Drain

Although hot grease is in liquid form, it hardens when it cools off. So, even if it flows from your frying pan into your kitchen drain, it will solidify almost immediately after getting into the drain pipes. The hardened grease will then act as a sticky trap for junk and food particles. If left unhindered, the buildup will eventually block your drainage system, causing a backflow in your sink.

If the grease gets into the local sewer line, it will wreak havoc, not just in your house, but to your neighbors as well. The cost of repairing your drainage system and the local sewer line is higher than the cost of not pouring the grease down the drain. When your drainage gets clogged or damaged by the buildup of grease, you will be forced to hire a professional plumber to unblock it or replace the entire system for you. This will cost you money, inconvenience you and your family, and cause severe water damage in your house.

How to Get Rid of Excess Cooking Grease

Whether it’s bacon grease, cooking oil, duck fat, lard, or any other type of cooking grease, it should not go down the drain, especially if it solidifies at room temperature. But even if your cooking oil remains watery at room temperature, it should never be poured into the kitchen sink. There are many simple but effective ways to get rid of cooking grease. For instance, if the grease is still hot, pour it into a grease jar or can. When the jar is full, scoop the grease and put it in the trash bin or throw away the whole can.

You can also allow the cooking grease to cool off before you do discard it. If it’s just a small amount of grease, you can pour it into your trash bin or wipe it with paper towels and throw it into the trash bin. But if it’s a large amount of grease, you can pour it into a clean container and reuse it to fry your food or throw the entire container into the trash bin when it’s tightly sealed. For more details on this, talk to 1-800 Plumber of CT.

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