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What Is “Optimal Sleep Temperature” and Why Is It Important?

What Is “Optimal Sleep Temperature” and Why Is It Important?

We have all had sleepless nights at some point in our lives. There are many reasons people have a bad night’s sleep, from stress to excess caffeine and children. However, this problem is very common in the hot summer months. It becomes challenging for you to enjoy a restful, comfortable night’s sleep with the temperatures soaring.

That’s why homeowners are desperately trying to find the right sleep temperature in the hot summer. Nevertheless, finding this temperature is a balancing act because everybody has their comfort level as far as indoor temperature is concerned. This article tells you what the perfect optimal sleep temperature is and the benefits of attaining it.

What Is Optimal Sleep Temperature?

Optimal sleep temperature is the ideal room temperature settings on your thermostat to allow you to enjoy comfortable, restful sleep. Although there is no universally accepted sleep temperature, most doctors recommend setting your thermostat between 60 and 67 degrees Celsius. Our bodies are wired to experience a minor drop in core temperature at night. Therefore, turning your thermostat down slightly in the evening might help regulate your bedroom temperature.

Importance of Optimal Sleep Temperature

Efficient Metabolism

According to medical experts, good sleep and effective metabolism are intertwined. If you do not get enough sleep for a prolonged period, your body’s metabolism will change, causing increased appetite and difficulty regulating blood sugar levels. So, if you are continually craving high-carbohydrate foods, you need to consider your sleep quality. Try turning your thermostat down slightly at night to see if the situation will improve.

Improved Stress Management

Lack of sleep, chronic stress, and fatigue are directly linked. If you do not enjoy a good night’s sleep, your body becomes fatigued, and stress sets in. Eventually, this becomes a vicious cycle that ends up affecting many other aspects of your life, including productivity at work and relationships. By setting the right sleep temperature on your thermostat, you get to enjoy a restful sleep, eliminating all related emotional disorders.

Improved Memory

When we fall asleep, our bodies go through consolidation, which helps to strengthen our memories and other mental skills. So, if your body does not get enough sleep for a long time, your mind fails to practice consolidation, causing memory loss. The good thing is that you can address this problem by setting your room to optimal sleep temperature.

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