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Should I Try to Fix My Garbage Disposal?

Should I Try to Fix My Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal units have proved to be an integral part of every home because of their ability to improve garbage disposal and protect drainage systems. They also help to keep the kitchen clean and free of pests. But just like other home appliances, waste disposal units will develop problems over time. Luckily, most modern waste disposal units are not very complicated, and therefore you can troubleshoot most of the minor issues.

However, we have always seen ugly scenes in movies and TV shows of people’s hands being chopped off by garbage disposal machines. While most of these scenes are imaginary, your garbage disposal machine is possible to be injured if you don’t handle it carefully. So, should you try to fix your garbage disposal? We want to answer this question.

First, it is possible to troubleshoot most of your garbage disposal problems and even fix them. However, some technical issues can only be resolved by a garbage disposal machine expert. Even when you believe that you can fix the problem, there are certain precautions you have to follow.

Never Reach into Your Garbage Disposal Unit

Although the blades used in garbage disposal machines are fairly blunt, they can still cause severe damage to your hand if you reach into the machine when it’s still running. Even if the device has stopped working, its blades could still be running.

Unplug the Device

Before you attempt to fix your damaged garbage disposal machine, make sure all parts have been unplugged from the source of power. It is also important to switch off the device before you start repairing it. This helps to prevent short circuits and other fire accidents.

Simple Garbage Disposal Problems You Can Fix

Tightening Connections

If your garbage disposal unit has leaks, you should check if there are any loose connections. If the connections are loose, try to tighten them or replace them if they are completely worn out. Also, check the seal for leaks. Consider replacing it if it allows water to seep through. Don’t forget to check the gaskets for leaks. If they are damaged, replace them immediately.


Your garbage disposal machine will start to misbehave if it’s clogged. So, check periodically if the drain pipes are clogged. In some cases, you might have to replace the pipes.

Free the Flywheel

The flywheel spins the impeller, which shreds the waste. If the flywheel is stuck, the waste won’t be adequately shredded. To free the flywheel, you need a hex wrench to rotate it until it is loosened.

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