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Running Out of Hot Water Faster Than Before?

Running Out of Hot Water Faster Than Before?

Do you have to rush through your morning shower to avoid losing hot water? Does rinsing dinner dishes feel like a race? There’s no reason to keep struggling with a dysfunctional water heater. At 1-800-Plumber of CT, we enjoy helping our residential and commercial clients improve the safety and effectiveness of their plumbing systems. Here are a few tips on what you can do if you suspect your water heater needs a repair or replacement.

Reasons Why Your Hot Water Heater Isn’t Working Properly

There are many potential reasons why your hot water heater has stopped doing its job. A common cause of fluctuating temperatures is a broken thermostat. You may also be running out of cold water earlier than normal thanks to a buildup in sediment which takes up additional space in the tank and makes it more difficult for the water to reach the desired temperature. Your water heater tank might also be leaking and is therefore losing the heated water too quickly.

Problem Solving Tips

If you want to determine which of the above issues is causing your trouble, then you will need to do some detective work. First, determine the age of your water heater. Most older models were built to last 10 to 12 years maximum. So, if your current unit was installed more than a decade ago, it’s probably time to replace it. Next, look at the temperature controls and see if you might have it set too low, or if it is broken. It’s also helpful to check around the tank for signs of water damage due to leaks. Listen for knocking or banging sounds when your water heater is in use. This indicates that sediment has built up inside the tank. Finally, look for rust in the hot water as it comes from your faucet, which implies the metal on the inside of your tank is corroding.

When to Hire a Professional Plumber

If the temperature is set too low, then you can adjust accordingly. Don’t raise it too high, or you could put your family at risk of burns. If you think the problem is caused by sediment, then you can drain and flush your water heater, which should remove most of the particulates. Signs of corrosion or leaks is a clear indicator that the unit will need to be replaced entirely. However, a broken thermostat or worn out pipes and hoses can be repaired by a professional plumber. Again, if your unit is nearing it’s tenth birthday, it will continue to develop problems, and it might be more cost effective and convenient to replace the unit with a modern, energy efficient model.

Do You Need a Water Heater Repair or Replacement? Call JP’s Plumbing & Heating

Is it time for a water heater inspection, repair, replacement or new installation? Then get help from the experts at 1-800-Plumber of CT. Our licensed and insured plumbers are ready to help get your hot water back under control fast. Contact our office to learn more about our wide range of services or to schedule a convenient appointment with a certified plumber in Stratford, Trumbull, Greenwich, New Canaan, Connecticut or a nearby community.

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