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Dangers of Delaying Plumbing Repairs

Dangers of Delaying Plumbing Repairs

While there is a cost to maintaining and repairing plumbing problems, the costs can significantly increase if maintenance and repairs are not completed. Here are some common challenges to putting off plumbing repairs or maintenance. It might be helpful to take a look at some of these examples and see if you might be at risk when it comes to the problem you currently have.

  1. Water damage – In some instances, people notice that they have a small leak in their faucet or toilet. While in many cases, this is a harmless problem that can be resolved by replacing a part or cleaning out sediment build-up within the unit, this could also be a sign of a larger underlying issue that if waited to be treated could be a substantially greater cost and burden to the home owner than if initially addressed.
    1. While it might appear to be a basic leak that can wait, having significant water damage to beautiful hardwood floors or carpet can be very costly.
    2. Not only can this cost thousands to replace or repair, but they could pose health risks by creating conditions where mold can easily grow. Which leads us to the next problem.
  2. Mold Accumulation – While almost every house in America has some degree of mold, this problem can be exponentially increased through even just minor water damage or leaks.
    1. Once mold is in the house, it is extremely expensive to remove from the home, and more importantly, the home rarely returns to the same level of air quality as prior to the water damage.
  3. Structural Damage – Not only could major water leakage destroy personal property that might be difficult to replace, but it could also compromise the structural integrity of the building. Since water damage can impact the foundation, the strength of the support beams and other structural elements within the home, not resolving a plumbing problem promptly and appropriately could result in a much more costly situation.
  4. Sewage Backup – In some instances, a plumbing problem could be a sign of a greater issue, or could turn into a greater problem like sewage backup. If a plumbing problem is not appropriately fixed or only a temporary solution is put in place, the long-term impact could result in a more grave problem then if just initially resolved.
    1. Sewage backup is a known problem to arise with bigger plumbing issues and aside from the costs and frustration of getting sewage back-ups replaces, there are multiple health hazards that these situations present to anyone living within the home as well.
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