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Is My Heating and Air Conditioning Working Inefficiently?

Is My Heating and Air Conditioning Working Inefficiently?

With the changing weather patterns, homeowners are relying on their HVAC systems to regulate temperatures in their homes. However, sometimes these systems can become inefficient and fail to give you the service you need. It means that your home won’t get properly heated in winter or cooled in summer. But before you can have the problem solved, you have to identify the cause. This article offers you the most common signs of HVAC inefficiency.

Unexplained High Electric Bills

If you notice a sudden rise in your monthly utility bill, you should check your HVAC system for inefficiency. If your system is defective, it will consume more power to deliver the needed results. So, if your electric bill changes suddenly without a change in utility rates or additional electrical appliances, then you need to check your HVAC system for defects. An experienced HVAC technician or plumber can easily notice any inefficiency in your system.

Clogged Air Filters

The work of a filter is to ensure only clean air flows through the system. If the air filters in your HVAC system are clogged, the unit will consume more energy to keep delivering the required results. So, you have to clean your system’s air filters regularly to keep the unit performing optimally. Your HVAC system’s filters should be changed monthly, especially in the high seasons of use. The timely replacement of filters will keep your system performing optimally and more efficiently.

Leaky and Dirty AC Coils

If you don’t clean and replace your system’s filters regularly, the buildup of debris and dust will spread to the evaporator coils inside the blower. If the dust particles get into the coils, your air conditioner will stop working. Sometimes AC coils can start to leak due to rust. This causes the system to become undercharged, reducing its efficiency. Therefore, check your AC coils regularly to make sure that they are functioning properly. Remember that the cost of maintaining your AC coils is lower than the cost of replacing them. Check your system coils at least every three months.

Motor Deterioration

If your system’s motor gathers dust or doesn’t get the needed lubrication, it will be forced to work harder to continue functioning normally, which will speed up its deterioration. Its bearing and windings will wear out faster, causing severe energy drain.

Defective Thermostat

If your system is not supplying your home with the necessary temperatures, it could be a problem with your thermostat or thermostat sensor. If your thermostat is defective, it will set incorrect temperatures. For more information on HVAC systems, talk to 1-800 Plumber of CT.

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