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How to Unclog a Shower Drain

How to Unclog a Shower Drain

A clogged shower drain will cause flooding in your bathroom, making it unusable. Unfortunately, this problem is very common, so you can expect it to happen in your home at some point. So, you need to know how to unclog your shower drain as soon as you see signs of clogging. This article provides you with simple tips on how to unclog a shower drain.

Tips for Unclogging a Shower Drain

First, understand that most shower drains are clogged by the buildup of hair, residue, lint, and other types of debris. So, the best way to deal with this problem is to prevent these elements from going down your shower drain. But if they accidentally enter your drain, here are simple tips on how to remove them.

Check the Drain for Visible Obstructions

Start by inspecting your shower drain to see if there are any visible obstructions like clumps of hair, plastics, etc. Most of these obstructions get stuck underneath the drain cap and inside the drain. If you find an obstacle, pull it out if possible. You can even use a flashlight to light up all corners of your drain.

Make Sure Your Shower Drain is Open

Always ensure there is room in between the drain stopper and the pipe to allow the free flow of water. But this depends on the type of shower drain and stopper you have. Some stoppers can be unscrewed and lifted out completely. Many bathtub showers come with a switch under the tap to enable you to open and close the drain. Make sure your drain doesn’t have any kind of a stopping mechanism that could be accidentally blocking the free flow of water.

Remove the Clog by Hand

If you find any kind of obstruction in your shower drain, you should pull it out by hand. Just wear a pair of gloves and remove the clog. Although it’s tempting to use a wire to unclog your drain, be careful because it can easily damage your drain.

Use a Drain Snake

Also referred to as the plumber’s snake, a drain snake is flexible and retractable. Use its hand crank to drive a metal wire down the drain to break up or retract what is blocking the drain.

Boiling Water

If you can’t find any obstruction with your naked eyes, pour boiling water into your drain to dissolve any grease or soap scum that could be stuck inside the drain. Repeat the process until your drain is clear.

Natural Drain Cleaner

There are many homemade drain cleaners that you can use to unclog your shower drain. For instance, you can mix vinegar with baking soda and pour it down your drain. But start by running boiling water to break up the clog.

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