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How to Properly Use an Energy Efficient Space Heater Instead of Your Central Heating

How to Properly Use an Energy Efficient Space Heater Instead of Your Central Heating

As the cold season approaches, it is time to prepare your heating system. Currently, there are two main home heating options: space heaters and central heaters. Although the two systems are designed to serve the same purpose, they vary in performance and features. Most homeowners have both heating systems in their houses.

If you have invested in the two heaters, you have to decide when to run the space heater instead of the central heater. This article will discuss the important factors to consider when deciding whether to run a space heater and the central heater. But first, let’s understand the difference between the two heating options.

Space Heater

A space heater is a small, portable heating device used for heating small spaces in the house. A space heater doesn’t have heat transfer channels like the central heater. There are different types and models of space heaters on the market today. Some space heaters use combustion, which is likely to cause home fires, while others use electricity. Electric space heaters are known to be the most efficient and safe heaters.

Central Heater

A central heater is a heating system that provides heat to a whole building. The heat is produced in the furnace or mechanical room and distributed to the entire house through heat transfer channels. This system uses either gas or electricity as its source of power. But there are some areas where central heating systems are powered by burning wood, coal, or oil. Gas-powered central heaters are known to be the most efficient and eco-friendly heating systems.

Space Heater vs. Central Heater

Many factors determine which heating system to use between a space heater and a central heater.

Size of the Space

Ideally, a space heater should be used to warm up small spaces like the dining room, sitting room, home office, etc. Since it is a small, portable unit, a space heater can be placed anywhere provided there is easy access to electricity. So, if you just want to warm up space around you without running the entire home heating system, a space heater is the ideal option.


Compared to the central heating system, space heaters consume less power. Therefore, if you want to reduce your utility costs, you can turn off your central heater and use a space heater to warm up the surrounding space. However, space heaters become costly if you want to use them to warm up every room in your house.

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