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Does My Heating Ductwork Need to be Repaired?

Does My Heating Ductwork Need to be Repaired?

For you to successfully control temperatures in your home, you need a reliable and effective duct system. This system transfers warm air from your heating system and cool air from your air conditioner to the rest of the house in different seasons. It also plays a significant role in determining the cost of heating and cooling your home.

So, if your duct system is not working properly, you will be forced to run your heating system excessively to keep your house warm. This results in increased utility costs. Therefore, it is important to inspect and repair your ductwork routinely. In this article, we discuss the various signs of a duct system that needs repair.

Damaged or Tangled Ducts

You should always inspect your ductwork, at least the visible parts, to see if it has holes. Use your hand to feel around the ducts for any leaks. Most heating system ducts are made from flexible materials that get damaged easily, especially when something heavy falls on them, or excess weight rests on them for a long time. You also need to look for tangled or kinked ducts. If your ductwork is damaged, call a heating system professional for repair.

Weak or Irregular Airflow

If you are experiencing an inconsistent flow of air in your duct system, it could be a problem in your supply system or the return side. If you have installed a new heater with the current duct system, they could be incompatible, or maybe the new heater wasn’t installed properly. That’s why it is important to hire a professional HVAC technician to install a new heating system or modify the existing one.

Hot and Cold Spots

Although there are many reasons why you could be having hot and cold spots in your house, the main cause of this problem is a damaged duct system. So, if this happens to you, check your ductwork for leakage, obstruction, or improper sizing. If you are not sure where the problem is coming from, call your HVAC expert for an inspection.

Unusual Noise

If your duct system starts to make an unusual noise, it is time to check by a professional HVAC. Listen to the sound carefully because different types of sounds point to specific problems. For instance, a whistling sound in your duct system could mean a hole or leak in the duct system. A rattling sound could mean that your ductwork is loose. If you are not sure, call your HVAC expert for a conclusive diagnosis.

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