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Considering Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement? What Should You Know?

Considering Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement? What Should You Know?

Quick Tips on Selecting an HVAC Contractor

Whether high bills have you thinking about a new AC System or you’re simply looking to repair an existing unit, here are some quick suggestions on things to think about when selecting your HVAC contractor.

  1. Make sure the company backs their installation / repair. Manufacturers will often say that no matter how well they create their product, the level of satisfaction you’ll have will depend on whether it is correctly installed and maintained. Look at the commitment the company you choose has when it comes to guaranteeing its work.
  2. Observe how the company handles and responds to each of your specific calls. Knowing a company is trying to make a good impression to prove you should trust them with your business, if you don’t get prompt, clear and friendly service, what will it be like in six months if you have a warranty issue they have to handle at no cost? If they are not responsive or professional at the time where they are most focused on proving their capabilities, it’s most likely you’ll receive little to no response come time for a warranty repair or replacement.
  3. The risk begins after the installation, so do your homework. The most risky time for any home owner is after the work has been completed and the new system is installed since if there is an issue, the only thing the home owner can now fall back on is the integrity and reputation of the company they chose to do the work. We suggest looking for tenure (years in business), experience, reviews from previous customers and most importantly, how they respond to negative reviews or customer feedback. Realize that even good companies can have problems at one time or another. The question is, how do they handle these situations when they arise.
  4. Avoid contracts with fine print. One thing you should look for from your cooling (or heating) contractor is a complete money-back guarantee in writing that covers your first year of ownership. If a contractor is not willing to take on risk to its clients, then that means the risk is left on the home owner. If the contractor doesn’t have complete confidence in their employees’ knowledge or skills, why should you? Considering the manufacturer’s warranty is dependent on the contractor’s workmanship, the contractor should be the one liable to make sure the unit is appropriately sized and installed. Then, if properly maintained on an annual basis, you can maximize the lifespan of your unit, saving you time, money and frustration. Most importantly, you’ll avoid the cost and frustration of making a poor choice on an unqualified contractor.
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